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I couldn't really find any info like this on this board so I thought I would share what I did for future reference.

I was looking primarily for something with Bluetooth that was basically plug and play. If you're looking for the same, this is a good option for you.


Cost: $199.99 at Best Buy

First, it took me all of 20 minutes, if that, to completely install this head unit. All it took was a phillips screwdriver and my hands; 8 screws total. It fits perfectly in the place of the stock Kenwood EZ500. The factory connector plugs right in as does the connector for the XM tuner. Everything worked right out of the box with NO MODIFICATIONS of any kind needed. My XM presets were even retained. :thumbsup:

NOTE: To remove the center stack bezel, pop the ash tray open slightly and firmly grab and pull on the bezel. Pop the bottom two clips out and then work your way up. Disconnect the connectors (4 if I remember correctly) and remove the bezel.

Second, the Bluetooth works great. It hooked up with my phone very easily and after spending some time programming it for voice commands, it now easily recognizes the voice tags on my phone book and makes calling a breeze. You hear your caller over the sound system speakers. A microphone is built into the head unit and works well.

Third, the one and only backlight color is blue, but it's a close match to the factory blue and looks good IMHO.

Fourth, the sound is MUCH better than the stock head unit! The display is also larger and easier to read.

Fifth, this does hook up to USB devices such as an Ipod or thumbdrive and works very well!

I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an easy upgrade and Bluetooth capabilities. You won't be disappointed. :grin:

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