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My good lady took delivery of her new i10 in March, a premium model, and very nice too.

About 2 months ago, an annoying rattle vibration occurred around 30mph. Sounded like it was coming from behind the fascia panel/radio/dashboard. I just couldn’t work out where it was originating.

After reading the i10 forums, many possibilities were mentioned, but no actual diagnosis.

Booked the car in with the Hyundai dealership, and took the engineer for a spin. He heard the noise, and got to work on it.

Later that day we got a call, saying the ’noise’ had been located, but the engineer wanted to leave it overnight and test again the following day. This was fine as car wasn’t needed.

The fault was traced to a wiring loom that wasn’t secure - behind the glove compartment.

The car was tested, and is absolutely perfect again.
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