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When I replaced my battery on my 2014 Elantra Coupe, I noticed the AMS fuse (7.5a) was missing on the + battery terminal connection. In fact only half of the fuse "socket" appears to be there. The other half looks to be created by a cable that plugs in underneath where the fuse goes (it is missing).

I looked on you tube and ran across this vid of someone changing out an Elantra battery - it looks like mine and doesn't have the AMS fuse either:

but then I found another video of a 2014 Elantra battery replacement and it does show an AMS fuse in place:

My "battery cap" # is 91971-A5091.

I am not throwing any errors but I am having a problem with my battery charging (I don't think it is). It would seem that this circuit is critical to that process.

Does any one know if I am supposed to have the fuse in place?

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