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I drive a 2008 Azera Limited with the Infinity sound system... I just replaced my head-unit from the stock radio to a Sony XAV-AX5000 head unit which I imagined would provide superior audio output than what was afforded in my stock head-unit, but that has not been the case.

After I replaced the head-unit, the bass seemed dim, not as powerful as before. With a little bit of research I came across some forums that mentioned maybe it has something to do with the harness I was using from Metra, to connect the head-unit to the factory harness. It was recommended I switch the Metra harness which was apparently for non-Infinity systems to a Scosche one which was for the Infinity System.

Fast forward one week later I’m still missing that quality thump I was getting from my speakers before I swapped the head-unit. Am I missing anything? Is the Factory amp not compatible? Is that even a thing...

please help!!!
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