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Im trying to test the output of my alternator using an ac clamp meter and a load tester. I obviously have an upgraded charging system which includes upgraded power cables. The stock charging wire has been retained. More wire is always better.

Now When I clamp the larger wire (1/0) I get ~150a Even when I clamp them together, still 150a. I should be getting some current through the other wire... omhs law.

My thinking is that the stock charge wire doesnt go straight to the battery which in turn means a current divider, meaning that current isnt being measured = false reading of alternator output at the wire near the battery.

Ive found a diagram for a 2010-current elantra, but mine is an HD and the model shown is the current one iirc MD?

So as you can see some of the current will not be measured when I the reading where the wire meets the battery,

I could measure at the alt charging stud are there about, but doing so with the engine revving under load etc etc is not a bright idea..

Id like account for the current i think i am missing..
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