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I was driving through a heavily congested area a while back. Lots of cars in the road, turning out of a parking lots to my right etc....(it was a drive in theater and the cars were all leaving)...well a guy pulled right out in front of me and I hit the breaks and the horn, stopping a couple inches from his rear bumper. After I got done swearing at him from inside my Santa Fe, I realized it was a co-worker....and I talked to him about it the next work day. He said that until I hit the horn he never saw me there, that the tiny headlights and non-existant marker lights made me invisible, lost in all the lights from the other cars.

So I went outside to look at the Santa Fe from his point of view. Yep...he's right. The tiny projector beam headlights SUCK! and the limited amount of amber clearance lights on the front make it even worse.
SO whats the solution? The nike swose shaped amber reflector in the 08s headlight assembly....could they be lighted from behind? My fast solution is to install a couple bright amber clearance lights in front of the radiator but behind the grill. That way to entire grill area becomes a light. Looks like **** but it would work. Any other ideas out there?

Welll I was going to post a pic of the headlight area but im being told that dynamic pages are not allowed. Something change?
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