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As some of you may have seen in the "American GT vs Canadian GT" thread here in Australia we have three trims levels for the i30. The base model which is called the "Active" followed by the "Elite" and then the top trim "Premium". The head unit used in the base Active model is a 5inch touch screen, while the Elite and Premium trims both share a 7inch touch screen.

Anyway I took the active model for a test drive and I thought I would try out the sound system in it so I brought along my USB I use to playback music. I noticed that if you have album art emended into a MP3 file the car will display it during play back, but when I took delivery of my new Premium i30 I was surprised to find that it didn't show any album art... :eek:

Why would Hyundai include this feature in the base trim level but leave it out of the top of the line model? It makes no sense to me... The only reason I can think of is that the 7inch screen in the Elite and Premium trims is to big for the head unit to draw the graphics on to, while the smaller 5inch screen makes it possible.

So I guess my question is:
1) Why would Hyundai do that?
2) Does the Elantra GT have this feature?
3) Is there anyway to "activate" this feature in my Premium model?

I know its only a small feature, but it's the little touches that complete this car ^_^
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