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I have a 2007 Sonata and It recently lt began to blow hot air out of one side and freezing cold out the other side. Took it to the dealer and the technician said he didn't know what was wrong but recommended that the system be evacuated and refilled at a cost of 281.00. Actually, what he said is that the compressor is either overfilled or underfilled. Anyone know of a problem like this?
Wow, what the **** are they smoking? From your statement:

Cold air is blowing on drivers side, hot air is blow on passenger side?

1. Tech doesn't know whats wrong
2. Tech doesn't know whats wrong, so they recomend the system be evacuated and refilled at $281.00 since they don't know whats wrong and they can't read guages.
3. Compressor is over filled or under filled

Ok, so the tech shouldn't be called a tech. 2nd, what is evac'in and refilling going to accomplish? 3rd, its either over or underfilled. The gauges they hook up tell them. 4th, if it has not been touched and working fine, how could it magically over fill?

What trim is your car? Is it manual climate control or automatic climate control? Please explain what is blowing hot and cold. I'd demand to speak to the service manager. Better yet find another dealer or independent shop. If the system was over filled, it wouldn't be blowing cold it would be cycling on and off all the time same thing with being under filled. I'm not an A/C tech, but this is common knowledge!

Has your A/C been serviced at all? Whats your mileage? When did this start happening? More details please.
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