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I got back from vacation last night and still have to wait until tomorrow morning to get the good stuff from the post office. In the meanwhile I decided to install the parking sensors for the rear bumper and get some more work done on my hatch area custom LED light conversion.

For those of you that have not done this before, first check behind the backside of your bumper and measure the height of an open area where all sensors will not hit anything on the backside. Mask tape the bumper at that height and draw a line all the way across the bumper. Mark the center and then mark one far side where you will mount the sensor to the outer most position. measure the distance from center point to the outer position, then transfer a mark to the opposite side. Measure the total distance from outside mark to outside mark and divide that measurement by three. Take that amount and measure from either outer mark towards the center and mark the position and from that mark measure the same amount in the same direction again. Now you should have 4 equally spaced marks to drill out and install your sensors. When you connect your 12v power source, get it from the positive side of your back-up light harness.

Here are some pics of the Parking Sensor install.

Parking Sensor backside clearance.jpg Parking Sensor location.jpg

Parking Sensor holes.jpg Sensors installed.jpg

Parking Sensor connectors.jpg Parking Sensor wire run.jpg

Parking Sensors control box.jpg Parking Sensor monitor route.jpg

Parking Sensor display off.jpg Park Sensor display on.jpg
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