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Aftermarket Gauges

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Hey I was wondering if anybody had installed aftermarket gauges in there Accent. I have an 01 Accent GL and I had installed a oil pressure gauge and voltage gauge but im trying to find the best way to wire the bulbs for the lighting of the gauge. I know I have to go through the lighting system but I don't know which wires to splice it into.

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Where did you splice in your gauges? Wire colors can be different depending on which harness you want to tap into.
The oil pressure gauge is mechanical so the nylon tubing is just plugged into the block and the volt gauge I split directly into a 12v fuse using and add-a-fuse attachment. The lighting is the thing that im having trouble with. I thought about wiring it into the dimmer, but I just wanted to see if anybody had done this before and if there was a different/easier way of wiring the lights.
If you want the gauges to dim with the dimmer...that would be your best bet.
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