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Government has been telling us for years, we have to cut our fossil fuel usage by 10%, reason not to purchase fuel of OPEC and the reason for using our food to power our SUV's/

If everybody drove an Elantra, and screw winter gas, could cut our fuel usage by 50%. our CAFE ratings are far worse today than in 1985!

In terms of performance with my Limited, left a Corvette in the dust with a 2.0L engine, not at the first traffic light, he took off at like a bat only to slam on his brakes at the next one. Took off slow and easy and passed him at the second light at 35 mph where the four lane converged into a two lane with a yellow line on our side, had no choice to follow me that was quite a distance.

Doesn't take lots of HP, just an ounce worth of brains.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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