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Since you seem interested in modifying your car for performance, the cheapest and most effective way i can recommend that you modify your car is an ECU reprogram. Just be warned that it will void the warranty on your car, and you could damage your engine if you aren't careful.
HaHa —> what’s the point on doing all that on the ‘base’ GT model? I could see someone going the distance if they purchased the Sport version with a turbo.

It’s not that simple just to slap in a remapped tune and hope for the best. If anyone goes the distance with a tune, first I would replace the restrictive OEM intercooler, then change the plugs, adding dual catch cans, and finally using 5W40 oil. If anyone goes that far, yeah...I’m sure they have a CAI at the point beforehand.

I have the Sport model Elantra 2018 (as several here are aware). One for the coolest mods was adding the cold side intercooler pipe which allowed me to add my HKS BOV. I love it when my car makes that chirp sound from the BOV. Another awesome aftermarket mod was the lower engine mount. Man, the car responds much better after adding it.
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