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I got a chinese unit. Usb and reverse trigger wiring is the main focus here.

I have this if this helps:

I have left my latest post at

But i feels i can get better answer on my own post. Maybe will help a lot.

I think i have to find this usb/ipod connector and tap into the separate usb cable so i can connect it to the unit.

This chinese unit alreasy has ix45 non navagation bases wiring done with a matching female connector for a and b. I have no c connector.

Here is thing, where do i connect this reverse detection wire to the r gear shift? I dont have the navagation so the schematic is bit different. first head.

Pin 9 on this head shows detent blue wire. Pin 11 is left front speaker negative. On navagation bases, it has r position at pin 9 with rear camera power at pin 11.

You will be a huge help, thanks :)
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