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Also will this be a reliable car? She doesn't make much money so she wants something reliable since it would be painful for her to be hit with big repair bills.
Don't bother with CR's inscrutable reports - you're already at the best source of information - namely this forum.

As for the '06 Sonata, it was noted for having some nickel and dime problems with the horns, windshield washer pump, and outside temp. sensor when it was new. I know of nothing major - although there were some persistent complaints about under carriage noise.

The V6 engine is probably about the best thing about the car. Unfortunately, they dropped it on the new Sonata's. I am kinda looking at Nissans now since they still have the V6 as well as a coupe.

But, I've had my Sonata's five years now and will probably keep them for a few more.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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