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Hi Everyone… I’m brand new to the forum.. Not a forum geek to tell the truth – I just like gathering info when required..

I’m flabbergasted by our local Hyundai agent.. I have a Matrix 1.6 auto and my left hand brake was binding… lots of play in cables as not returning to off position.. I tried all sorts and failed to release it 100% - still rubbing a bit. Got underneath and beat the cables with a plank and finally released till I forgot and used the handbrake again… doh!! So the local agent said it world check the cables under warranty as it is still in its 5 year “unlimited warranty”…

I got a call to say they need to adjust the hand brake first to check if it was an adjustment needed as there was back pressure on them.. (or something like that – forgot the actual words they used) but I would have to pay £35 or so for this to be done – but not to pay if the problem was the cables… Firstly to my thinking is that a sticky cable will be worse with being tighter adjusted… Are techies trained to lie to the reception desk?? So this was a nonsense call to my view.. so I said ok go ahead as I knew it would need new cables and I would not have to pay..

Next call was to say cables had arrived and fitted but I now need to pay £35 or so for the “foot brake” to be adjusted because the shoes had been removed to facilitate the cables to be installed… I blew my top as this to me is totally out of the scope of warranty … Replace the cables and charge for adjusting “foot brake”… I thought the shoes had self adjusters? … every car or truck I have worked on have self adjusting shoes.. Just fit new shoes and pump brakes till they adjusted..

I blew my top, refused to pay and told them not to adjust.. I phoned the manager a few minutes later but thankfully for his sake he was busy – I left my very strong message with the sales manager that I would go to the AA or OFT about it.. I then got a call back a few minutes later from the workshop reception lady who said she was not getting involved in it but the manager has said “this time only he’ll let it be done free” and to collect the car next day.. On collection there was a car cleaning kit FREE for me at the reception desk.. I also own an i10 bought 2 years ago so I suppose they realised I had them for talking rubbish and want my business..

Am I right in my assumptions… Why do we have to put up with rubbish agents… Your views would be appreciated. Cheers Gavin
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