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Hi all-

I have a 2013 Sonata Hybrid, with the Active Air flaps message center error, and the service engine light is on. I was able to get the bumper off and remove the Air flaps without much trouble, but not seeing anything 'physically' wrong. So a few questions:

  • If the Air flaps 'appear' physically sound, is it 'safe' to assume the problem is the actuator?
  • Is there any chance this is controlled by a fuse that might be fried?
  • If all signs start to point to the actuator, anyone have a good link to where I can buy one? I've looked, but the nomenclature is confusing depending on the site, and want to make sure if I need to buy, that I am ordering the right thing?
  • Any other suggestions or anything I am missing here?

ANY help is much appreciated !

Thanks !

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