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Firstly, thanks to Komptek for the idea. This DYI is now complete with pictures. The car in this DYI is a 2008 Hyundai Accent SE.

-Needle Nose pliers (this is a MUST)
-Regular pliers (relatively small)
-You may want to wear gloves so your hand doesn't get destroyed like mine (see last picture)

NOTE: Click the pictures to be taken to a High-Resolution version. Also, the names of the pictures are the timestamps, to give you an idea of how long it took me to figure out what I needed to do, then accomplish it.

1) Remove the Intake Hose (the BIG RUBBER RIBBED HOSE, not the small hose near the arrow!) from the Manifold, by loosening the screw. Go ahead and prop it on top of your engine to get it out of the way.

2) These are the two hoses in question. They are UNDER the Intake Manifold seen in picture 1.

You're going to have to use the Needle Nose pliers to turn the clamp so that it faces you. This is painfully difficult. You've been warned. You can then use Regular pliers to move it down the hose.

3) Finally managed to yank the tube off. This may take a lot of HARD pulling, but it should make a pleasant *pop* sound when it comes off. Don't worry about Coolant spillage either. During the course of this DYI, I think I lost 3 drops of coolant, and I wasn't even trying to be careful.

4) This is the other end of the hose you just disconnected. If you can't find this for some reason, just follow the hose you disconnected at one end, with your fingers until you find this end. Voila. Once again, using the Needle Nose pliers, you have to get the clamp to slide down the hose using the same method you used for the top connection of the hose. This is going to be incredibly difficult. Take this hose completely off. Put it somewhere, it doesn't matter where. Throw it in your garage somewhere. Just try to remember where you put it in case you for some reason want to reverse the MOD.

5) SUCCESS! You're half way done! Don't worry, the rest is pretty simple. Except for the next step...

6) Going back to the Intake Manifold, you have to twist this clamp so that it will face you, the same way you had to for the other hose. This is the hardest step because you have VERY little room to work with.

7) 7 minutes of twisting and pulling and the clamp is almost down far enough for me to disconnect the hose!

8) 12 minutes after I started trying to get this hose off, it FINALLY came off. Remember, you're only disconnecting the TOP of this hose. DO NOT REMOVE IT COMPLETELY. It took a LOT of realllly hard pulling and yanking. Just be careful to not let the pliers cut open the hose. I wrapped a small piece of paperboard around the hose before yanking it, just in case.

9) You may want to pull the hose around UNDER this wire, just for the sake of neatness.

10) READ CAREFULLY!! Take the TOP of the hose you just disconnected (STEP 8). Now, connect it to the ENGINE, where you disconnected the FIRST hose (STEP 4) (the first hose was the one you completely removed). Make sure you slide the clamp back up the hose, onto the receiving end on the engine! The last thing you want is to have to go back in there to fix what you were too lazy to do right the first time! If you have questions, please REREAD this instruction 5 times before asking. It should be very clear.

11) This is another view of the hose you JUST CONNECTED to the engine.

12) With any luck, your hand won't look like mine did after I was done.

13) Put the Intake Tube back onto the Intake Manifold the same way you got it off (tighten the screw).

Congratulations! You've now got a heck of a lot more power at your disposal! Enjoy! It would probably be a good idea to leave your hood open and start the engine at this time to make sure you aren't leaking anything. I'm not, so you shouldn't be either if you can follow directions and pretty pictures.

I have not been able to get an idea of the gas mileage differences yet as I just did this mod 2 days ago. Please give me a week or so to post the findings. As for the coolant temperature, since I know you're all going to ask... there is no difference, according to the Temperature Gauge, in coolant temperature whatsoever. But you will sure as heck feel a difference when you drive!!
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