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Hey guys,

To start, I'm going give some backstory on this... This is totally meant to be therapeutic to me as [Tl;dr] I'm "over this car" at this point. If you want to skip the backstory to this issue, my questions is: I know an axle is bad... How do I tell if it's the left or the right (without shotgunning it)?

Car is a 2014 Accent SE w/6spd Manual.

I have had the worst luck with my Accent. Minus a bad evap canister and the parking brake occasionally sticking... I cannot blame the car. It's just bad luck. Two accidents, and on our last roadtrip I hit the worst pothole of my life on the highway which dented the oil pan, bent a rim, and I believe caused one of the CVs to go bad. It was dark out and hidden on the roadway so I didn't see it. I thought I dropped my transmission it bounced us so hard... Ended up having no choice but take on a blown truck tire on the way back (it was that or die) which knocked out a fog light and scraped some paint off the front bumper. I've never had worse luck with a car... :crying2:

Anyways... enough griping and onto the problem. Shortly after the road trip, the car started making a "wumbp" noise that was originally only present when turning right. Going slow it would wumbp slow, and going fast it would wumbp fast... Think, "wumbp----wumbp----wumbp---wumbp---wumbp---wumbp--wumbp-wumpb-wumbp-wumbpwumbpwumbpwumbpwumbpwumbp."

Put the car up on a lift at my work and noticed the front left rim was bent... Great! That could be it... So I bought a new rim (first one ended up being a bait and switch with horrible scuff marks - second one was good.... See... Worst luck) to have installed. Meanwhile, I was having my wife drive it to work as she was making more stops so I drove our gas guzzling SUV. Somehow in the three weeks she had it and the rim, she couldn't find the time to stop at discount tire and have them swap the tire over... :dry:

So she stops having so many errands and I get the car back... Car is bad. Wumbp noise is now present turning both left and right, and also going straight at medium + speeds. I'm already thinking it's not the rim anymore... But take it to Discount to change anyways... They change the tire and problem still persists. Great... So now I'm thinking it has got to be the axle. As luck would have it, a mechanic was picking up a Porsche from my work and he quickly diagnosed it as the axle or bearing (which I guess they come together so lucky me). So... suspicion confirmed... Time to change the axle.

So I've watched the youtube video and it actually looks like a relatively easy job to do for an inspiring home mechanic. I have access to a vehicle lift at my work, as well as all tools so I'm lucky in the that regard.

That stated... Is there a surefire way to diagnose which axle is bad? It's not a terribly expensive part at $80 each on partsgeek/rockauto, but I'd rather not buy both or guess if I can help it. How does one tell if the left or right axle is the culprit?

Sorry for all the backstory... Need to get this done this week... After driving the car on Friday and discovering how bad it got, I'm not driving the vehicle until its fixed. Trying to order parts today so I can get it done next week...

Thank you so much for any help or advise you guys can offer.

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