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2007 Tucson, 2.0L. Bought at auction last year. Have not been able to get the AC to work. Has been at 3 different shops including a dealer. First shop said they could not get the compressor to come on.
Dealer determined it needed an new AC control module. I replaced with a known working AC control module. Still no AC. Began the task of tracing down the wires threw the wiring digram. I am not getting power to a fues feed from the blower relay. Unwrapped the harness to find no connection from the blower relay to the fues. The lead from the fues wire is dead ended in a terminal block next to the blower. Tried adding power to this and still no AC.
I am only getting 4.3V from the AC module to the pressure switches. Does anybody know if that’s correct or should I be getting 12V?
System has 75psi AC charge.
no change with pressure switch jumper
All fuses and relays check out.
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