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Hello Genni owners!
i bought a Genesis Coupe 3.8 facelifted version (2013) last year. Recently (after the cold winter) I noticed that if I turn on automatic climate control, it always turns on AC and keeps it on all the time. While this should be ok if its hot outside, but it keeps it ON even if its relatively cold outside. For example internal temparature is set to 24 Celsius and ourside temperature is 14, AC is still kept on. I took the car to the local Hyundai dealer, they checked it and found no errors. They said this is completely normal. If this really normal? I just dont want to keep the AC on all the time in vain. I can turn OFF AC any time by pressing the button, but then automatic climate control is OFF as well, which is a nice feature. I know AC is sometimes required even when its cold outside to dehumidify but this is not the case here. In addition, i can feel that air is getting a bit colder when the AC lamp is on so its definitely not just the lamp. When I increase temperature to highest, AC lamp is turned off.
Can you please confirm if your car behaves the same way? With auto on, AC is always on, even if its cold outside.
Thanks a lot
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