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2015 Sonata Limited 2.4, 2017 SF Sport Ultimate FWD 2.0T
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Hi folks,
About two weeks ago got the light display on 2017 Santa Fe Sport Limited Ultimate 2.0T, 28830 miles. Took vehicle to local dealer. Read code C1210 Wheel speed sensor RH Rear/performance. Recommended replacement. Part used was Rear Bearing Sensor - Hyundai (52751-2B100). Covered under warranty. About one hour repair. Looks like about a $30-$40 part.

I am not sure if this can be repaired at home. I searched 52751R0R on Google and saw a service bulletin update on that. There is also a TSB 19-BR-001H looks like special tools are required. I searched on the installer tool number and found a website that explains how to do the repair without special tools.

I could not scan the 2017 SF Sport for ABS codes with my Autel 619. The tool recognizes my 2015 Sonata but won't recognize the 2017 SF. It is MFG 20-09-03 and uses system software V4.71. I checked for a version update, but I can't really figure out if the update for the A 619 will read the 2017 SF or not.

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Welcome to the forum. I am pleased to hear that the dealer will take care of your
wheel speed sensor issues. I have done some work on the SM Santa Fe's and they are
not too tough to deal with. You have what they call tone rings and sensors that feed info to the
ABS system. I would imagine the same logic is in use for the 2017 models.
Regarding the Autel 619 scan tool, like you, I wanted to check the ABS system in my
2017 when I bought it last summer. It works ok for basic PCM codes, however, it didn't want
to work with the ABS or TCM modules. I searched high and low for some sort of
effectivity listing of the software and came up "Snake Eyes." I then called Autel technical and
discussed my issues and found that the "619" doesn't go past 2015 in the Hyundai world. In
short, we are "SOL" and if you want to be able to use Autel products on your car for special
module and system analyses, you need to upgrade to another unit. I haven't done it yet, but plan
to sometime soon. I do know they have introduced a new scan tool that I believe will work with
these cars. It is very similar to the "619" and the cost is in the same range. We should thank their
marketing team for providing the lifetime software upgrades for the "619." I sure didn't see this
one coming, but if they stop software upgrades for a product, guess you might say we were fed
a good line. Need to upgrade if you stick with Autel.

Good luck,
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