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Hey everyone.
I've been waxing and polishin my car the last couple of days, changed tires and so on.
So when I today was finished and took it for a ride, the ABS light came on. (I've changed the front right speed/abs sensor for 2 months ago).
So I checked all four and saw that my tire has gnawed a bit in the cable to the sensor and maked a short circuit. I decied to cut the cable and fix it.
When im measuring the ohm on it it says around 1.03kohm steady like the 2 other old sensors.(The new sensor I installed couple of month ago is around 1.3kohm steady)

I've already checked the abs relays and their working fine.

Any clue on what the problem could be?
Im thinkin on the sensor I've fixed but since im getting the same numbers as the other two I can't figure it out.

Thank you for you time :)

(Hyundai accent 1.3 X3 1997, 75ps)

EDIT: Does it need to be deleted from the ECU like AIRBAG lamp as well?
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