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I have 2015 Hyundai Tucson and it has a very strange behavior due to some warning lights including ABS , 4WD and brake.

These alarms appears very frequently in summer but rarely in winter. I have been to Hyundai twice and they couldn’t find any issue.

When these warning lights are ON, steering wheel got locked, can’t change from parking to drive mode and AC also stopped cooling. After some time (3-30 minutes, varies), these lights starts blinking and then can only steering unlocked and can change the from P->D mode. It can drive with blinking lights but it feels that there is no or minimal control on steering wheel. It become normal after some time.

I went to garage outside Hyundai also but they can’t find any code in scanning etc. Battery voltage and fuse have no issues.

I have attached the warning lights snapshot , it would be appreciated if anyone please can help to sort out this issue.


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