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Last month during my 2 week vacation, I got around to installing my downpipe from A2B performance. They are made in Canada and I paid $932 for a catted version. They look quite nice but very obvious they were sitting on a shelf for awhile then again I was told they moved to a new building which probably resulted in alot of scratchs.

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Now here's my opinion on installing them myself.... Mann the hardest part was getting the 4 turbo studs off due to minimal space. If you don't have the patience, have a professional do it for you.

Sound in sport mode: Immediately it was much louder than ever before! Sadly, the rasp and drone came back so I had to purchase a vibrant 1793 which fixed the issue which also quieted down the interior alot. however, it's still louder but not obnoxiously loud. I have a custom cat-back on my car which was done over a year ago. A vibrant 17930 replaced the OEM muffler which at first made the exhaust super quiet but became louder than stock after it broke in. I've gotten plenty of positive comments on the exhaust. With the downpipe and vibrant 1793 on it now, I have no clue what a bunch of people will think until summer arrives. But, so far, I've gotten 3 positive comments from my coworkers.

Sound in normal mode: quiet most of the time.

The infamous downpipe smell: If you know, you know. I've always had a smell coming from the exhaust since new but the downpipe made it more apparent. Doesn't bother me but make sure it's on recirc or the smell will get into the cabin. Even more apparent if your car is in the garage. The smell doesn't linger while driving.

How long did it take me to install it: several hours. The turbo studs took the longest.

Did you strip a bolt? Nope. Sprayed PB blaster on it while it was cold then went on a drive for a bit then came back home and spray every bolt again (heavy smoke will occur), waited 30 minutes and got to work. Doing made made it very easy to get them off.

Does it cause a CEL? I only got one cause I forgot to tighten the secondary 02 sensor and I cleared the code myself after fixing that.

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Did you notice any performance benefits?
I'm on a stock tune but yes. Installing this made the biggest difference and it will continue to pull as you accelerate. Until then, I can't take full advantage until a ECU is released which is close.

Conclusion: Buy it.

Video coming soon
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