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THE other night i noticed my car would not start. when i called a firend for a jump, when we put the jumpers on, holy cow. sparks?!?!? its a new battery about 6 months old, eventually after not being frightened of this massive spark. I got the jumper cables on later at night and I tried jumping it again and with success. though the wipers never went slow or anything like what used to happen when i was unable to start. ABOUT 10 seconds to it being on, it went out, chug , check engine, and car off.

I Went to go look and sure enough behind the engine block (against car wall where passenger / driver somewhere under there (it was 4 am in the morning), i could obviously see there was a new light source. I QUICkly booted to chevron, threw 20 on country and took 4 bottles of water, (Drove back), that did not get it out. I THEn banged on the door of this bar where the book keeper happened to be in at 5 am and grabbed the extinguisher and got the fire out. IT Was enough of a flame to be worried, though im unable to see really clearly the extend of the damage or what not. but i assume massive spark means a short.

MY Question is, ive just got some new battery cables from walmart and i noticed these guys are nothing like whats in the car. I ALSO cant find the cable and trace it, like i see ppl doing in youtube videos (they make it look so easy).

are standard cables compatible to replace with the tiburon,

what the best way to change them. i have the car, sorta perked up in the air i can get under on my back, but thats it. DO YOU HAVE to take a pile of stuff out.

CAN ANyone tell me what parts i may need or what i NEED TO do to replace the terminals.

thank you so much
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