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To be honest, any of the colors you chose will be kinda hard to keep clean, but white especially. After a few years, white tends to stain especially if you don't wash it regularly. My g/f drives a white accent and it takes me several times washing and polishing to get some of the dirt stains out. Pacific blue is nice, but any swirl and scratches will be noticeable and during spring can be caked in pollen which is very visible to dark colored cars. The gray... seems bland in my opinion. If you have no problem maintaining your car like washing it often, I don't think you will have any problems with white. By the way, it cost more for the white (if you didn't know that already). Have you looked at silver or the iradescent silver blue? My suggestion is to see the car at different types of weather because the paint tends to change depending on the weather.

Check them when bright and sunny, cloudy, rainy and at night.

The blue tend to show a little purple from what I've heard, but test drove one when it was sunny and it shows as dark blue
The gray tends to look more bland during rainy days.....found that out when I test drove one while raining (hence the reason for my bland comment)
I doubt the white will change much.
The iradescent silver blue, looks like a lighter shade of gray during rainy days....seen it with my own eyes... actually looks nicer than the harbor gray (much happier gray), slightly on the light blue side on sunny days, but not girly.
Silver (which I own) stays pretty consistent, looks clean even when filthy dirty, easy to hide imperfections and scratches, looks solid, bigger, sportier, tend to not fade as much as other colors like red. (No offense to anybody who bought other colors, just my personal opinion)

Just a final advice, in the end it is your car so you will have to make the final decision. Just think about it carefully and ask yourself this question. You will see this car everyday, so shouldn't you get a color that pleases your eyes even years down the road and not get tired of it?
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