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It's really simple. I leave my A/C on recirculate ALL the time, I don't introduce smoke or dirty fumes from someone else's car. When your windows start fogging up with the A/C, turn up the temperature on the dial its set to low.
Agree. I leave mine on Recirc all the time. You never know when a smoky '93 Montecarlo will pass you, or you'll encounter a
dead animal on the road. There are plenty enough small air leaks to keep the cabin air fresh.

If your cabin air is very cool, and it's hot and humid outside, you can get outside window fogging. (set AC to defrost)

If the outside air is cool, and you have a lot of passengers, you can get inside fogging. (Turn the AC on, set it to outside air. Brrrrr!)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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