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2007 Azera Limited
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I was recently driving around and using the heater when I smelled a burning plastic smell from under the hood. It seemed like it was coming from the front passenger side of the engine bay but I couldn't see anything burnt or see any smoke. After that drive it went away. Just the other day it was getting warm in Phoenix again so I turned on the A/C with only hot air coming out of the vents. After checking out a few things I determined that the A/C is charged and doesn't seem to be leaking, the fuses were good (both inside the car and under the hood) and the relay was good (switched it out with the foglamps). But I noticed that the a/c clutch wasn't engaging. After a little research, I'm leaning toward the idea that the connector melted which would explain all of the symptoms.

Has anyone else experienced this? Will I just be able to splice in a new connector or will it have probably melted the compressor side of the connector too? Any advice or help would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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