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After searching this forum and reading the post regarding cleaning of the throttle body and MAF I decided to do my 99 Elantra
that idles bad and dies on occasion. Upon disassemble I found the elbow connector covered in oil on the outside and standing oil on
the inside, it looks as if the oil was coming from the vacuum hose that runs from the valve cover to the elbow (not the PVC hose).
I checked the PVC as a precaution and I could blow and suck through it so I replaced it and the two vacuum hoses and cleaned the
throttle body with throttle body cleaner and the MAF with MAF cleaner although it didn't look as if the oil made it to the MAF.
I am not sure if this cured my idle problem yet but it was hard to start after cleaning but did restart better afterward, I will let it cool
and check again. Could the bad PVC caused the oil to go out the other hose into the elbow or do I have (I hope not) a bigger issue to
look for?
Edit: I also noticed a male wire terminal on the throttle body at the linkage but it had nothing connected to it and I couldn't find any unconnected wires
that could have fallen off, any idea what went here? I have tried starting it a few times and it definitely starts easier now but idle is still a
little rough so I will try new plugs and wires next.
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