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Hi all kinda new here well i ran into a problem with my 98 accent GL and hope someone could give me an ideal to as what the problem might be. The car is running like crap has been put on a computer test and engine code that comes up is p0304 misfiring on clinder #4.

The following things have been change.

New spark plugs and park plug wires ( didn't fix the problem)

New fuel filter and air filter (which i'm sure this has nothing to do with the problem but anyways didn't fix the problem)

New fuel injectors ( fixed the problem for a short time now this is funny cause. misfiring on clinder #4 came up again and car started running like crap again. So i decided to try another test and switch out fuel injector #3 and for #4 and now it'll show up on clinder #3 misfireing so ok maybe i just have a bad injector mind you its new but ok so i put another new fuel injector in and the car runs fine for awhile then it happens again clinder #4 misfiring so i'm kinda stuck here any ideals on what this could be.

Thank you for reading sorry if this has been already posted.
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