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MY Lantra has been running fine since I have had it (4 weeks).

Had no problems driving all day, stopped at KFC for dinner, came back out and went to start the car and it didn't even make a clicking noise. Thought I hadn't clicked the immobiliser properly, checked it and I had clicked it.

We eventually bump started the car and it ran fine. When I got home my partner stuck the multi meters on the battery and it was charging fine so the battery and alternator are all ok.
The only other possibilities we could come up with was the starter motor. I haven't had any trouble starting the car though, it literally starts in one second. So would it be normal for the starter motor to kark it like that all of a sudden.

My partner thinks maybe when I click the immobliser its not sending the start signal to the starter motor or something like that? But if the immobiser wasn't working would I be able to bump start it?

Last but not least I've been browsing the forums and someone was talking about the little button or relay thing (Im a girl by the way) that lets the car know the clutch is in so that it will start (apparently my lantra doesn't start with the clutch out, I don't think Ive ever tried)

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated :(

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Hello kelseyj92,

It is not unusual for the floormats in the car to slide forward and under where the clutch pedal rests when it is fully depressed(mine does!). This can stop the safety start button from being actuated and nothing happens when you turn the key.

The ignition is still live and the car will start if you bump start it though.

Check first to make sure your mat isn't catching underneath your clutch pedal.

Hope this is useful.


Andrew :thumbsup:
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