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Son just brought a 97 Excel from a bloke that has had it sitting in a shed for 6years, He said that he started it every few months,

We put a new fuel pump and filter in it and it seamed to run fine, So we drove it over the other side of town (about 6km) to get a blue slip because its been out of rego for so long,
Ran nice no problems no smoke from the exhaust, it passed the blue slip. On the way home it started to stall when you had to stop at the lights.

Today I when over to have another look at it, I took it for a drive it seamed to be shirging while driving along in second and when I had to slow down for a intersection it would die you could start it straight away and it would Idle very rough, enough that you had to keep your foot on the petal to keep the rev's up. Got it home and now it idles rough just sitting in the driveway and I have notice that it blowing black smoke out of the exhaust now.

At first I was thinking that it must have some water in the fuel tank but now I'm thinking there is some bigger problem.

Any Idea's ? and has anyone got a PDF manual they can send me ?
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