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Just got myself a nice set (well 3 out of 4) of Simmons rims but they use the 100mm lug pattern where as my Lantra is 114.3mm.

Got them for a super great deal and I'd love to use them.

My question is, does anyone know if it's possible to get a J1 Lantra converted to that lug pattern?

Wheel adapters/spacers are illegal here in aus so that option is out.

Like, does anyone know rear brake drums that have the same bearings but with a different lug pattern? Same with the front and its rotors.

I've tried looking it up but finding info on the sizes of different cars brake drums, what bearings they fit and what size rotors are on the front has been as you might be able to guess, difficult.

I'm probably due for new wheel bearings and brakes so that wont take much extra cost.

These wheels are worth more than the car (if I restore them) so I'd love to use them if I can. Look much better than the rusted steel ones I have right now.

Anyone got the knowledge to help or know where/how I could look that info up?
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