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Just back from a long road trip in my new GT. Drove from Toronto area to Boston, making my way to Newfoundland, then to Quebec City and back to Toronto (Ajax). Keeping in mind the mods (tires and shocks), here is what I can report on my 2013 GT with tech/nav package:

- great gas mileage compared to the city (duh). Keeping in mind that my method to determine this is not ideal (using the car's 'range' calculator), I get approx 450kms per tank in the city, but on this road trip I got about 550kms per tank.
- pano roof was awesome
- lots of room for storage. Suitcases, etc.
- lots of compliments from friends and family on the car....everyone loved the look.
- seats were comfortable. The power seats offered enough adjustment options for a long trip. I am 210lbs, 5 ft 11in tall.
-dual ac/temp feature was appreciated.

- XM radio system was practically useless throughout all of NF. It cut in and out, even in the capitol city St. John's. On mainland Canada, reception was fine, but a lot of songs got replayed several times a day.
- Nav system on my 2013 GT is not as accurate as my 2010 Garmin. There were several occasions in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and even Quebec that the car GPS thought we were flying through the air. At one point, the GT gps proudly announced that we had arrived at our destination in Nova Scotia when we were 100s on Kms away in New Brunswick on a 3 year old large divided busy highway.
- passenger side chrome trim flew off while driving on the highway from Sydney NS to Quebec. I think it happened in New Brunswick on the 110km/hr Trans Canada route, as it was there when I gassed up in Sydney NS, and not there when I gassed up in NB a while later (I always do a 4 tire check at each stop to make sure things are OK....I am that anal on a trip like this).

Other notes:
- shock upgrade a MUST IMO on a trip like this. I encountered 100s of Kms where the old stock shocks should have had the car all over the place.

Comfortable drive, but the XM and Nav were a huge disappointment in eastern US and Canada. If you are a prospective buyer then don't waste your money on these features.

I also believe that the stock shocks would have been a detriment, especially on a Newfoundland highway where there were many small bumps
that used to cause my car's rear to hop all over the place. This, combined with pieces of my car flying off on the highway, were completely unacceptable.

These things can be fixed, and I will do so, and maybe not everyone will experience a car hopping all over the place, or will experience trim falling off on the highway, but these are the experiences I can report which I feel are completely valid complaints. I still like the car but am a bit angry about these issues that I feel are safety-related.

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I live in Newfoundland, driven across the island three times in my GT and had no problems. I usually average 650km highway to a tank and 545km in town.

How did you like NL, and just the east coast in general?
From NF (moved to Ontario 11 years ago for work). Always love my trips back home. Spent a bit of time in Gros Morne this trip. Saw a terrible accident on the Trans Canada just outside Gander; a poor fellow passed us and a few minutes later we saw that he hit a transport truck head on. Also had a few close calls with the ferries (the Blue Puttees had a minor accident a few days after we got off her and the other ferry we were to take lost power outside Sydney NS. Made it back in one piece).

There were a few addresses around town that did not work in the GPS (one was near the old Memorial Stadium).

Do you have XM radio? The reception was bad no matter where we were. Even in town, the reception would cut in and out.
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