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I'm a first-time poster and looked through here re: the Tucson postings for the 60K mile service. My wife's Tucson is at 64K, and we're due for the service. She is a 2nd owner, so the 100K warranty won't apply here.

My local dealership is quoting the following:
  • $549 - timing belt + drive belt (inspect seals, tensioner and water pump)
  • $260 - spark plug service
  • $499 - everything else -- fluids, filters, oil change, tire rotation
Timing Belt / Drive Belt

I use a local tire shop to put tires on my wife's car, and they performed the most recent oil change (synthetic 5W-20, if I recall). I asked if they'd perform the timing belt and drive belt service, and they would NOT touch the timing belt. Given that I need this car to last, I'm tempted to just let the dealer perform this service. I can get the timing belt for free with a coupon, which puts the cost down into the $480 range. I also understand that the water pump really doesn't need to be replaced now since they usually last 120K. My question is the tensioner part -- if I want it replaced, what it will tack onto the cost?

Spark Plug Service

I estimated about $120 for the parts for this (plugs and wiring). This seems a little high. I'm tempted to let my tire shop do this for less. Thoughts?

Everything Else

This seemed ridiculously high at $500. I get the tires rotated/balanced for free now with my tire warranty from the tire shop. I can get the oil changed then too. Brake flush - $129. Transmission flush - less than $100. Fuel filter -- they won't touch it if it's not external. What else? Cabin and air filters? I don't even know if there's a cabin air filter in this car. Thoughts? What should I be doing here?

If you have input on at least the timing belt, lemme know -- I have the car scheduled with the dealer for Saturday.

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