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We have had a Tucson Diesel highest spec for the last 2 years. In fact we just had a 2nd year service at 14000km. With its conventional 6 speed auto – I don’t really find it particularly smooth. There seems to be occasional very short shift flare (don’t see RPM rise but you hear it and feel it) between 3rd to 4th on slow acceleration initially when we bought the car. Then it got better over time but there is often slightly less smooth shift when accelerating at partial throttle to reach 60km/h limit. It’s not bad enough to be a jolt but it certainly is not a nice engagement. Moderate to full throttle shift is always smooth.

When checked today the car is up to date with its ECU, TCM firmwares. Just had a transmission reset done and I know it’s learning again and now there is noticeable flare from 2-3 and 3-4. Only when shifting up but otherwise okay. I guess I will see how it pans out but I feel like either there is something wrong with valve body or shift sensor. Problem with no fault codes – it would be hard to convince the dealer to do something about it.

The symptoms started from brand new when we picked it up. There are 2 drivers who drive the vehicle with very different driving style. My wife tends to use the throttle with more or less on and off approach and I tend to play with the throttle (light throttle and get great mileage!) a lot as I usually drive a manual.

How do others feel about their 6 speed auto?

(Not talking about DCT here!)

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