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My first oil change is coming up. The hyundai manual recommends that you use 5w-20 but says if not available you can use 5w-30 too. I think that 5w-30 is the way to go. 5w-20 is way to thin. Look at the data sheets at the end of these pages and compare them


The 5w-30 is stated to last 25,000 miles while the 5w-20 is only stated to last about 7500 miles. I think 5w-20 is way to thin to provide protection and is sacrificing engine wear for a 1% increase in mpgs. Particularly important I think for a GDI engine is the Noack Volatility test, the 5w-30 is ~30% better vaporizing a lot less oil. Hyundai gives you the choice in the owners manual and I do not think the minuscule boost in mpgs is worth the engine damage or wear.

What do you guys think?
I think I will continue on with my Pennzoil Ultra 5W-20.
yes, yes, I know its expensive. $28 for a 5 gallon jug at Wally-World.

Took the car in for oil change to my dealer at 1000 miles, showed him the Ultra, no problem. Used the Original Equipment Manufacturer Hyundai filter.
I suppose if I was living in a very hot climate I might consider 5W-30. If I keep to the maintenance schedule based on my driving I have absolutely no qualms
about premature "engine damage or wear."
Am I worried about seeing/not seeing a 1% increase in fuel MPG? Nope, some lab might but I am not.

I will not go 25,000 between changes, will stay with the 3500 in severe driving, based on Wisconsin winters and most trips short, less than 20 miles. Yep, I know, possible I am throwing a few bucks down the drain with such a short interval change based on the type of oil. Some folks still like cigarettes at 10 bucks pack! Whatever pops your circuit breaker.

Use a good quality oil of your choosing and press on. Now if you really need to get into it:
Lots of fun reading there and opinions all over the place.

Happy Motoring! :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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