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Non-dealer bodywork will almost certainly void the corrosion warranty for the affected area. I would stick to a local Hyundai dealer whose bodyshop has the best reputation.

I would also defer any bodywork until it is absolutely necessary. Repainted panels often don't match the surrounding area perfectly, and are more likely to peel or corrode in the future than original factory paint. At the very least, consider covering the scratches with touch-up paint if bare metal has been exposed (particularly near the edges of the fender) and then go for a paint job later on. Your Santa Fe will surely accumulate more "character lines" along the way.

Don, as you know, the anti corrosion warranty has nothing to do with surface scratches.

Most of us has had to deal with scratches that has nothing to do with the Hyundai body warranty. This certainly applies to all manufacturers warranties, as well.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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