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hello from ireland.

i am going to buy a santa fe 2002 crdi model hopefully this weekend.

i had a look at a friends one last night to see what i am to expect and the gear situation is different than my suzuki grand vitara.

in the grand vitara, i have 2wd and 4wd high and low gear box along with my 5 shift manual stick.

from looking at my friends 4wd santa fe he has just the normal 5 gear manual stick.

so i guess its locked in constant 4wd.

can someone explain to me the 4wd on the santa fe?

is the ratio split for example 60% to front wheels and 40% to back wheels?

is there a way of setting it to 50% on front and back wheels if i take it off road?

in the grand vitara, i have the option of a low geared 4wd, which is handy off road.

i hardly ever go off road, maybe once or twice a year so its not of major concern but i would like to know more about the 4wd part of the santa fe.

looking forward to your comments.
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