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Well, once again lets organize everything for this year Texas Meet as far as date and location.
Lets review the places we have met, so far.

Texas Meet 08' - The Colony, Tx (Jonny's brother House)
Texas Meet 09' - Roanoke, Tx (NGM's Shop)
Texas Meet 10' - San Antonio, Tx

Date: June 18 & 19, 2010

Meeting location:

On Friday 18 we are meeting at this location @ 2pm.
We are going to wait for 1 hr for everyone to arrive and from there our next stop will be Austin.


On Friday 18 we are meeting at this location around 7pm.
We'll be taking couple pictures and from there our next stop will be San Antonio.


On Friday 18, I have ask Dustin to help me with the Houston people.
This is where you guys are going to meet up with him and then drive to SA. If you need his cell phone number, send me a PM or text msg.

San Antonio

On Friday 18 we are meeting at this location around 9pm.
This will be our meet and greet for the night, If everyone is not too tired from the trip, we may head to a different location for couple pictures.

On Saturday 19


-Meet at the Hotel at 11am,
-12 noon, leave the hotel onto Bandera road,
-Trip to my house via HWY 16, Park road 37, CR1283, CR 2720, cr 2744, cr2753, cr2754
-Stops on the way include Photo ops at Medina Lake and Dancing Bear Cantina.
-Once we get to my place, we can show, shine, tune, add or remove parts, adjust, Modify, show or simply hang out.
-I will have lots of cold beverages and some dogs and chips on the Que
-I hope that will work..... O yes, decals, I will have decals.


Quality Inn and Suites Bandera Pointe
9522 Brimhall
San Antonio, TX
1 (210) 372-9900

Price per room:
1st Reservation
$21 per person 2 more people needed

Dallas/Fort Worth Area

LePapirrikY Booked - Kia Rio
Jcj8008 - Kia Cerato
Shawn Booked - Kia Sephia
Sleeper5 - Kia Spectra
Jessica +1 Booked - Kia Rio
Brad? - Kia Soul
NeoSober? - Kia Koup

Houston Area

Raulius - Kia Spectra
07Accent1.6 - Hyundai Accent
fas93 - Kia Koup
KEVONE87Hyundai09 +1 Booked - Hyundai Accent

Austin Area

Aidensgroup - Kia Koup
Squirmy - Kia Soul
ATXKia - Kia Rio
Tex7738 - Hyundai Accent
CrookedH - Hyundai Genesis
HotLZGT - Hyundai Genesis

San Antonio Area

bhurlin - Kia Sephia
210Soul - Kia Soul
Tenrilid - Hyundai Accent
mmez - Hyundai Accent
AznPersuazn - Hyundai Tiburon
GenXS - Hyundai Genesis
Brandonsnow2010 - Hyundai Tiburon
mindshock - Hyundai Tiburon

Total: 24 rides.
Motel: 6 people

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Everything is now a GO for this Meet!!

First, I would like to say THANKS to Bill for being, not only our Sponsor for this meet(and also the last 2 events), but also for being our Host this year. Thank you Bill.

Now we have some things to consider since there will be lots of members coming from different cities. We need to have a head count of members, that way we can calculate the motel cost. I need you guys to confirm you assistance, and its important you do so, otherwise we will run short. Right now im in the process of getting quotes, if you are not sure yet, then say maybe but please let me know.

Bill and I, have decide to make this a 2 days event(for the first time), meeting on Friday 18 @ night, just so we can have the whole Saturday for us. Now this is where we guys need your input, we have decided what to do for this meet but we will welcome your advice on possible activities, so dont be afraid and throw your ideas to us.

Bill is trying to get a dealer involved on this meet, so if we are able to get that, we will be meeting on Saturday morning @ the dealer, before we do anything to show off our rides.

The schedule of things to do in San Antonio will be posted in a of couple days, once we get all things settled and confirmed.

Another thing you guys may like, Bill will be giving away a limited amount of free decals, so be sure to grab yours :)

Now i would like to THANK everyone who will be attending this event and lets make it a memorable one!!. Overlooking the members list for this year meet, shows an increase of members making it the biggest meet we have done so far in the past 2 yrs.


Also subscribe to this thread so you can keep yourself update, because this post will be change very often with new info.

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QUOTE (mmez @ May 15 2010, 10:49 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=323292
I'm sort of new around here, but would love to meet you guys. Could someone PM me some more details, please or tell me where the original post is?
Mariah P.
I have post this in different 6 different forums but the one that seems to be more active is

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finally i was able to get a quote.

i have talked to my client at work and he said he'll give me an employee discount for a room with 2 beds for 49+tax at any Quality Inn. Now the problem is, i can ONLY get 4 rooms with the discount PLUS 2 rooms on one property and another 2 rooms on other property. I know its kinda f** up but its better than paying more.

Now i have to do the reservations until friday this week. If you guys are staying for sure i need you to tell me so(even if you told me before either by text or forums) and plus how many more are staying. This is not the finally call yet but it will be by Thursday. On friday i'll pay for the rooms and i'll expect the money from you guys at least by wednesday next week.

Again, this is not final decision for the motel but i do wanna check how many we are going because we are limited on rooms.

Thank you.

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That person will be me :)
Good, you are coming to this meet.

I really hope other Hyundai models show up as well, i have posted this on the meet section of the forum and its just empty and i know there are more Texas members here.

Mod, is there any other way to let them know about this meet? what i had on mind and i know its kind a a lot of trouble to go thru but here is my suggestion. Whenever you move a topic to a different section on the forum, the thread still visible on the section that it was move from originally, at least until new post are commented on the threads of that section.

Can we do something like that if its possible? MiamiLX, Rondy, Hoosier?
Here is the thread that i created.

so far this thread got only 14 viewers.

Thank you!!
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