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all this stuff:

i'm in the suburbs of vancouver, bc, and would prefer a local buyer or two to avoid shipping hassles.

we all know what this stuff costs at the dealership/retailers:

AEM Intake retails for something like $270cdn+tax
Floor mats & hatch liner come in at a couple hundred bucks+ easily.
Front strut bar was $120usd shipped.

so, roughly $700 worth of goodies when new.

Looking to get:

$100 intake (it's been cleaned once, in great used condition.)
$100 mats & hatch liner (just the hatch liner sells for **** near that.)
$60 front strut bar (no bends/cracks or anything funky. it'll work just as well as a new one at twice the price!)

Will ship stuff if someone really wants to pay shipping etc.

i've turned on email notifications for this thread.
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