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I bought my car more than a year ago. Quite happy with my Avante 1.6S, as it did not give me any problems so far.

As Komoco can void my 3 yrs warranty if I go to other workshops, I have no choice but to purchase their spa package after the 3rd servicing.

I sent my car for the 20,000Km servicing today, thinking I need not pay further. But I am wrong! I'm poorer by $231.70! They told me that I need to change my air-con filtering (~$60) and my car battery (~$170). Air-con filter change is fair enough but my car battery is barely 1+yr. I wonder if I'm being "ripped" off.

Thinking of going to other workshops for the next servicing, which I heard should be at least 50% less than what Komoco charges. Is the break of last year warranty worthwhile the risk? Also, any "recommended" workshops that specialise in Hyundai Avante?
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