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As the title says, I have a brand new roll of unused (never opened actually) Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film. It is a clear bra which is much more conformable and durable than the popular 3M films on the market, is easier to install and can protect your paint from rock chips and damage from other debris as well as make it easier to clean bugs off the front of your ride.

For more info: check out

If you plan on installing this yourself, it is great because it is really conformable and you can apply and lift back off to reposition many times without damaging the product.

At 12" in length it is enough to do a section on your hood, fenders as well as mirrors or anything else you can think of.

I paid $150 for this roll, so I would be willing to part ways with it for $75 shipped.

I do accept paypal as well.

Feel free to ask any questions.
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