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‘22 Tucson Limited PHEV, Deep Sea Blue & Charcoal
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Hello, just joined to get some opinions on what is going on here and if this is normal.

Like the title says, intermittently when taking off from 1st gear, there is a loud humming noise that goes away after a few seconds. The more I drive the car, the more common and louder it seems to get. Almost sounds like when you leave the e-break on and try to drive. Being as I have owned a few manual transmission cars in the past, it didn't sound normal to me, so I took it into the dealership to see what they could find.

Well, after about a week of having the car, due to holidays and having to contact Hyundai support, they came back to me and said this is normal behavior. Their explanation to me was that because this is a N-Line, it is a higher performance transmission which is not supposed to be in 1st gear for long, just to get the car moving then switch to 2nd. He also said the humming noise is because the 1st gear is so small that when it spins it makes the humming noise, and it gets more common the more you drive because it gets hotter and metal expands.

Tbh, I dont really buy this explanation. 99% of the time I shift out of first on or below 3k rpm, so its not like I am redlining in 1st or anything, causing stress on the gear lol. I want to take it to a second dealer for another opinion, but afraid they will come back with the same thing.

Does anyone else out there have a 2022 Elantra N-Line M/T? Can you confirm or deny this intermittent noise when in first gear?

Once I get the car back, I can try to get video of this noise...just hard to get video while driving lol

Thanks Everyone!
You say humming noise, might it be more like a boyng? My Tucson PHEV does it from a stop on acceleration and it's getting more and more frequent and a little louder. It seems to be more prominent when I'm also turning like when stopped at an intersection, when I go and am turning it seems the loudest.
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