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2021 Elantra Limited
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Notice anything different? Maybe, the gloss black trim? I absolutely hated the unfinished matte plastic, especially since my windows were tinted (20% btw, cost me $180), it just looked off to me. So I started an endeavor to gloss them out. I would say, it took me about 2hrs of trial and error and 4 hours to wrap the chrome trim and arch using 3 rolls of Vvivid gloss black wrap 1inchx15 feet, a hairdryer, xacto knife and squeegee; and 5 minutes to apply gloss black trim I found off eBay. In addition… I’ve tried soo many things to gloss out the weird thing in the back but I resorted to buying a gloss black louver from AliExpress, and I could not be happier. I’ve gotten compliments on the more aggresive look that it gives it. I used the 3m tape it came with but used additional adhesive promoter bc I was scared of it flying off.
All links are available from their references, I know how y’all feel if I had no links.


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