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I've invested a LOT of money when it comes to audio gear (mainly headphones, DAC's and Amps) and I have to say that in my opinion the system (infinity) in my 2020 Limited is excellent. However, depending on your source and the status of the sound options on your phone things could go bad rather quickly. Also, if you're using HD radio or XM channels it should be noted that while these can be better than traditional FM radio they aren't all that great due to compression and low bitrates.

For starters, you should go to the audio settings, then to the Advanced section and turn off the Quantum Logic (It can be fun, but it really thins out the low end). In the main sound settings make sure to put the bass, mids, and treble settings to center or zero and re-center the listening position. I'm pretty sure that there's a "default" button somewhere that should do all of this with one tap. If you're streaming from your phone or running off of an aux cable you need to go to the sound settings on your phone and make sure that any and all sound effects / profiles / equalizers are off. With Bluetooth or from an aux cable make sure to put the volume of the phone to max. Once you have that taken care of choose a quality example of the music you like to listen to (I have a playlist of about a dozen tracks that I use when evaluating or setting up audio gear). Start with the bass/mid/treble settings in the vehicle and make small adjustments. I suggest starting with the mids because that is where the majority of the sound we hear exists. I have the bass set at zero, the treble at zero, and the mids at minus 3. I listen to everything from Mozart to Metallica and this works well for me for the most part. I also created a custom EQ curve on my phone that boosts the low bass for times when I want a little more weight to the low end. I recommend tuning the bass this way since the bass slider in the car's settings isn't focused at the best frequency.

Hopefully this helps you out. I should also add that the system is definitely tuned for a more balanced sound than what I would call a more fun sound so it may be that this just isn't what you prefer. If you like big booming bass this system will not be able to deliver without some aftermarket equipment. Lastly, this system is incredibly clear when fed a quality recording, but it will also reveal the flaws of music that is poorly recorded.
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