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I just got the 2020 Santa Fe SEL with the convenience package that includes the Infinity premium audio. Everything is great except the sound quality. I'm not a bass freak. I mostly listen to calm music. The highs hurt my ears and the bass is barely noticeable. Adjusting the settings barely helps. My portable battery-powered Harmon Kardon speaker has more bass and higher clarity than the car speakers. Anyone else has issues with these speakers?
It sounds atrocious worse than my mom's CRV without premium audio. It's so bad that it's the worst sound system I've used in a car. Any car. No exaggerations. Is it this terrible, or can my car be defective?
Anyone else have problems with the premium audio system?
I was wondering if you had the service department check out your Infinity premium audio system? Mine sounds great with crisp clear sound. Please let me know your findings. Respectfully,. Timothy
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