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I got my first 2017 Elantra in 2016 as a lease so that I had a car that I could drive without worry. The lease ended and we were trying to figure out what car to get next and got an extention. COVID happened and we ended up with another extension and finally we had to make a decision. We didn't like any of the other cars we saw mostly because total cost of the lease. So we ended up with another Hyundai Elantra 2020 Value Edition since it had more of the features we wanted.

One feature we didn't get was the Homelink/Bluelink mirror. Since I have the Bluelink option and it is active I don't have to worry about wiring for that. It looks like it is possible to buy an eBay part and install myself. Since I've only done this with other cars, I'm not sure if the part is correct, but it seems like it would be. I can't see variations on RealOEM like I do with my other cars.

Is this the right part for the 2020 Elantra Value Edition?



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