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New here - hope I am posting in the appropriate forum. 2018 Sonata Sport. I was reading some stuff from someone who was not sure about the TPMS sensors working on wheels he wanted to put on the car. This is all I can share - I too did not like the 17" rims and let's face it the tires are CRAP - so I decided to upgrade to 18". My choices were simple cause I didn't really wanted to spend about as much as it would have costed to upgrade to the Sport 2.0. I ended up with MODA wheels from TireRack and the 235/45/18 General T/A I think. Those tires had a good review and I can tell you they ride really nice - hug the road pretty well. They are supposed to be good in the wet/snow, but I can't say yet.

As far as the TPMS. I had intended to keep the old wheel/tires intact and sell them that way, however using aftermarket TPMS is not only expensive but a problem. Everyone I spoke with said the car had to be reprogrammed at the dealer and the dealer wanted 200 dollars to reprogram - Can you say RIP OFF? So I decided to re-use the ones in the old wheels and that worked perfectly.

Now I have a question - Since Hyundai has made it literally impossible to get some of the features in these cars unless you spend a but load - Is it possible to replace the infotainment in this car for the one that has navigation? In lew of that - is it possible to upgrade that radio with aftermarket? I really like this car "for the most part" - I mean I knew I did not want the regular Sonata because statically I like the Sport version better and I also knew I did not want to pay for the 2.0 Limited, so it is what it is, but if I can improve on some things - I may do so.

If there are any other upgrades peeps can recommend I would appreciate it.
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