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After a brief foray into the depressing world of VW ownership and after I talked my wife into ditching her hard-line Ford family roots with her 2013 Elantra GT, I recently purchased a 2018 Sonata Sport (honestly not sure what package). My 2010 had 42k miles off-lease when I bought it and I traded it in with well over 160k having only replaced the starter (aside from the obvious tires/brakes/filters). I'm happy to be back in the Hyundai family and hoping this vehicle gives me the reliability my 2010 did.

Plus it has all sorts of fun gadgets and let's face it, who doesn't love gadgets.

My vehicle history:

2004 - got my license, my first vehicle was a 1974 Dodge Powerwagon and a 1995 Dodge Dakota (the Powerwagon I got for mowing a guy's yard for the summer, the Dakota was my dad's old chore truck).

2006 - graduated high school, was graciously gifted my dad's POS 2002 BMW 3 series for college. I went to school about 75 miles from home so I made the weekend food and laundry resupply trip often. Can't tell you how horrible that car was.

2006 - Bought a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron for 800 bucks. My dad and I replaced several failing parts and it ran great until I piled into the back of another car during an infamous South Dakota blizzard in 2009.

2008/2009 - Went through BCT and AIT; came home and bought a 2002 Ford Taurus for 900 bucks that lasted me until my first wife and I bought a 2009 Honda Civic and I got her POS 2003 Saab 9-3.

2012 - Happily divorced and unhappily left with the Saab I traded it in for the 2010 Sonata and drove that until 2015 when I made the horrible mistake of buying a VW.

2015 - VW ****

2017 - Bought my new and improved spouse a 2013 Elantra GT (and if there was ever a car that ever fit a person perfectly...)

2018 - Here we are, my shiny new Sonata Sport sitting pretty in the garage.

Picked the car up last Saturday and have been loving it. Reminds me of everything I loved about my 2010; quiet, smooth, definitely roomy enough for 2 kids in the back and a boot to fit all their crap. Plus, as I said before, gadgets.
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